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Autism Family Program

Ironwood supports children with autism and their families by providing a safe place to come together and support each other. 
  • Accepting community
  • Unique experiences
  • Overcoming challenges
  • Caring staff and volunteers
  • Low/no cost options
This is the vision for this program that we piloted last August with our autism family retreat.  We are currently developing a longer term program that would involve events throughout the year. 

Why This Program is Needed
According to the CDC, 1 in 68 children in the U.S. are identified having autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a 50% increase from the year 2000.

Families impacted by autism feel disconnected and face extraordinary expenses with few options for their child with autism to socialize.  In addition, divorce rates are almost double than the national average. 

Parents need the support of an understanding community who are facing the same challenges.  Siblings need time with their peers who are going through a shared experience.  Children with autism need understanding and a safe environment to experience the freedom to be themselves.

How You Can Help

Donate: Because families impacted by autism face financial stress, Ironwood intends to offer this program at low or no cost, allowing families to pay as they are able.  Your generous donation makes this possible and will make a profound impact on the lives of families participating in our program.

Volunteer: Providing a safe and accepting environment for families is critical to the success of this program.  This is only possible with the support of a caring team of volunteers.  We invite you to discover the joy of serving families by volunteering your time.