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RESCHEDULED!!! Pancake Supper and Family Night rescheduled to Monday Feb 26th due to icy conditions!

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Ironwood Springs Camp Highlights


Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch is a Christian Camp and Conference/Retreat Center located in southern Minnesota serving over 15,000 people per year, specializing in programs for youth, physical disabilities, cognitive disabilities, and military.   Our purpose is to provide an atmosphere and opportunity for adults and children to get to know themselves, others and God better. We strive to do this through our lives, words, and activities by conducting ourselves in a manner pleasing to God. Ironwood Springs has been a non-profit organization since 1976. Thanks for stopping by here on our website. Be sure to check out what we have to offer and don't forget to scroll down this page for more fun and exciting news!



Want to hold a retreat or event at Ironwood?
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Click on the Facilities menu on the left to check out our facilities.  Call our office at 507-533-4315 to book!

Here's your chance to know Ironwood's history!

Check out the Ranch's new book called Spreading Joy & Changing Lives: The History of Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch by Bob Bardwell. Everything you wanted to know about the ranch and then some! Highlighting the 37 years from birth of the Ranch, established in 1976, to the present.

Order your copy today by calling the office at 507-533-4315. The price is $20 and $5 for shipping and handling. Or stop by the office and pick one up.

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