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Our first priority as the equestrian staff at Ironwood Springs is to be a part of a team that allows others to know Christ better through their experience at Ironwood. It is critical that those who are around our horses are taught how to communicate with our horses effectively and safely. By encouraging good horsemanship from our participants, we are increasing the quality of their horse experience at Ironwood while being advocates for the horses that the Lord has entrusted us to care for.

Ironwood offers a variety of Horse Programs to fit the needs of
individuals, groups, and families!
2018 Pricing:
For a list of equestrian program pricing, click on the link below.

Equestrian Programs Pricing

Castner Riding Arena Needs List:
  • Full quarter horse bar saddles
  • Horse trailer – bumper pull or goose neck
  • 'Munch-N-Done' NibbleNOTs (15 needed)
  •  Bits (5)
You can download the equine waiver form here: ISCR Release of Liability - Equine.pdf

Email Betty Jo Stoppelmoor, Equine Director, or call 507-533-9933 with questions about either the horse programs or trail rides or if you can supply any of our wish list items.